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Meet Dave Pimper

 Be the Local Financial Radio Show Host…Become the Local Celebrity!


Having been in the financial service business over 30 years, I’ve always taken pride in “trying” all types of marketing for my practice. I know in our business, the number one problem for most financial advisers is they don’t have enough qualified prospects to meet with each & every week. Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to marketing, but you have to find what works & what doesn’t, which can be a very costly trial and error endeavor.

My marketing experimentation has included public seminars, TV & Radio shows, end of day stock market reports, post card mailings, referral programs, social media, newspaper advertising, magazine binders in CPA & Doctor offices, Yellow Pages, client events and I’m sure there are more if I thought longer.  Just about any marketing approach you can think of, I have likely experimented with, and have found most of them work to one degree or another, but all have a learning curve that can be quite costly.

I’ve settled in on a few of these approaches including seminar marketing (it’s certainly a different business than it was years ago with the increasing costs of mailing and meals and more attendees attending to take advantage of dining and absolutely no intention of ever seeking financial guidance). I’m testing social media with some pretty good results and pricing…time will tell.  I continue to present both dinner & library educational seminars, with much success.  But I was curious about the increase I had seen locally in radio marketing-this Saturday or Sunday between 8:00am-4:00pm, turn on the largest talk/news radio station in your city and see who is presenting an hour-long radio show. You will find there are always three or four local financial advisers, plus several nationally syndicated advisers in the group…Dave Ramsey, Ric Edelman with Financial Engines-(which was the Mutual Fund Store with Adam Boles)… not to mention week-day national radio show celebrities like Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern, Kim Komando, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck & the like.  Why do all these big national players have radio shows in your cities on AM talk/news stations?  You guessed it, radio can be very financially rewarding!


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I say “can be very financially rewarding” because I originally did my first radio show many years ago on Saturday morning from 7:15 am until 8:00 am. It was live with the owner (my-co-host) of a smallish AM station and we covered a lot of financial ground.  While I became a bit of a local celebrity, I missed out on the real financial rewards because we did not have some of the essentials in place that you need to monetize radio efforts-valuable call to action offers which leads to quality appointment setting services etc.  

I was certainly intrigued and started investigating.  I put together the best media (radio air time) buyer, the best financial show production company that provides weekly show notes/scripts, edits, mixes, adds music, commercials to keeps it sounding state of the art professional plus entertaining! The production company provides our co-host with years of radio and TV experience who is great with keeping me and my other “Retirement Boss Radio” host advisers sounding really good, and I found an appointment setting call center to handle my call ins and sets my appointments, right then in real time, on our synced calendars.  In short, I have built an A-Z turn-key process to fully maximize the benefits of my experience as a financial professional and radio personality and reap the rewards consistently.  Here are the reasons you should consider radio and Retirement Boss Radio to grow your financial practice:

Why Radio?

  • Radio reaches more Americans each week than any other platform - More than TV, Smartphone, personal computer, TV Connected Devices…believe it or not, it’s a fact.

  • The median age is 61… perfect for the pre and about to retire age group - 56% male and 44% female, making this an ideal demographic for our industry.

  • Radio reaches a more upscale listener - 92.9% of adults in the $75,000+ income households listen to radio every week, with an average of over 12 hours.

  • Radio Solidifies you as the Expert. Listeners rely on their favorite stations & radio host personalities often as their primary source of information. They trust the station and are highly engaged in the content.

  • News Talk Radio is Hot-Hot-Hot. News Talk has grown its market share and increased listenership every year - breaking new records annually. Over 12% of all radio listeners choose this medium as their “go to” listening choice.

      Why ”Retirement Boss Radio…Take Charge of Your Money”…HOUR SHOW??

  • Fabulous Content. Our production company supplies each of our Radio show host/adviser with show content/notes that is second to none… timely, educational & entertaining.

  • Coaching with Dave Pimper. Dave has over 25 years of radio show/advertising practical, successful experience… he’ll coach you through every “nook and cranny” of your radio show program, insuring that you’ll be at your very best when you get “mic’d up”.

Most importantly, “Retirement Boss Radio” is a fully TURNKEY Radio Show System…

  • You record weekly from the comfort of your office - on your schedule in your studio.

  • You get one on one personalized coaching and ongoing support with marketing expert Dave Pimper.

  • You record with an experienced financial co-host whose only job is to make you sound GREAT.

  • If you don’t want to do your own recordings, let Dave Pimper record your show himself and give you all the credit…to keep your weekly prospect pipeline filled with quality appointments.


Take advantage of:

  • A full-service production company that provides show notes, will edit, mix and deliver your show to the radio station each week, along with professional commercials, promos & offers for appointments.

  • Super competitive negotiated airtime packages with your local radio station. Our media buyer has over 400 current weekly shows that he’s negotiated and purchased airtime for.

  • Professional & experienced inbound call center…setting your appointments, on your synched calendars, every show.


Become the local celebrity by building your brand locally - fill your sales pipeline with weekly appointments.



Depending on the size and population of your city/area, monthly costs can be similar to the cost of hosting Dinner Seminars…with one big difference… how you are perceived by the public… radio host educator vs financial salesperson.


Hosting your own Radio Show has STAR QUALITY that seminar marketing never will. That star could be you!


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